Can you get an online payday without providing us with a paper contract directly to your place of residence?

Looking through various types of financial forums, I noticed that there are often questions about the contract for obtaining a loan. As everyone knows, some of the loan companies provide such an agreement only electronically, but there are also companies that will send us such a contract on paper, using the services of Eidicredit or a courier company.

It is impossible to hide that payday loans are a very convenient solution. They are available at your fingertips, you do not even have to leave your home to get extra cash and in most cases you do not need to send income certificates. If we have even the lowest income, we have a chance to get a loan using a computer with access to the Internet and a mobile phone.

Firms providing payday loans without sending a contract to the address of residence

Firms providing payday loans without sending a contract to the address of residence

Moments and internet loans also give a sense of privacy because no one needs to know that we took a break – neither a neighbor, nor our parents or even a postman. Not long ago, even applying for a small loan, you had to obtain a certificate of income from the workplace and sometimes even have people if your income was too low. In the case of today’s loan companies, most of the contracts that are concluded on the line of the borrower – the lender, are sent only by email without the need to sign it in paper form.

However, there are companies that continue to provide a paper-based contract to the address of registration or residence. For some people, it may not be a very comfortable solution, the more so if we do not want to learn about the fact that we took out a loan, someone outside us.

Which companies give a payday without sending a contract only and deliver it only in electronic version to the mailbox? Unfortunately, I will not tell you all the companies that practice it, because I do not have such data myself. I can only mention companies from which I used loans myself, and my friends also used, and contracts were sent in their case only by email.

Hypocredit, Lonext, Hillarium, Lenderspo or Manyporfel – these companies do not send paper contracts have not done so far, so lending money with them we can be sure that the contract will be delivered to us in an electronic version (usually in the form of a pdf file) to e-mail which we provided during registration.